It takes two,

(Valentine’s arrangement by floral designer Marijke Geerdink)

The ultimate creation for Valentine’s Day; 2 identical pieces with the large flowered rose Red Naomi!® Marijke Geerdink created special Valentine’s arrangements inspired by true love; true love between two people. The result was, as would be expected, not 1 arrangement, but 2 identical pieces with the large flowered red rose Red Naomi!®.

Marijke picked two vases and partially filled them with elongated pieces of dry Oasis® Floral Foam. The Oasis® Floral Foam at the upper part of the vase is covered with a red ribbon folded in garments, then secured onto the Oasis® Floral Foam using red pins. Three test tubes, for holding the Red Naomi! rose, are then immersed into each of the vases and held in by the floral foam.

Strings of the lovely Seropegia Woodii with its heart-shaped leaves are stuck onto the floral foam with pins. Red hearts are then added as extra decoration to the arrangement.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, doesn’t that make it eligible for a fragrance to be worth a thousand images? This Valentine’s arrangement is not just by chance, created with the subtle fragrance, of Red Naomi!® Roses by Porta Nova.