About the rose White Naomi

The White Naomi Rose was introduced into the market in 2011 in the high-end segment.

White Naomi is a top quality luxury rose with a long sturdy stem capped by a huge flowerhead. The petal count is amazing, allowing the rose to unfurl beautifully into a classic shape that is almost symmetrical. The white color sits gorgeously amid an abundance of contrasting deep-green leaves.

An appealing subtle scent characterizing White Naomi clearly sets the rose apart from other whites. Imagine enjoying this beauty plus her unending whiff of rose perfume for an extended period of time; since White Naomi has a long vase-life.

She is a rose that is fitting for many occasions. She is ideal for intimate celebrations such as weddings – being the ultimate bridal rose, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and even as sympathy roses to condole with the bereaved. White roses are an expression of Purity, Innocence, Love, Sympathy & Spirituality; and White Naomi is the true embodiment of all this and more.

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