The Roses Red Naomi from  Porta Nova


The Red Naomi! conquering hearts since 2005

The Red Naomi! is currently the main Dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment. It continues to conquer hearts with its beauty. When the large bud unfurls itself, it produces a multitude of petals in a perfect velvety, red shade. The rose is extremely popular in the trade. The long vase life and the subtle scent mean it is loved by consumers across the globe.

 Porta Nova  Red Noami SUPRA roses
 Porta Nova  Red Naomi Magna roses

Supra, Unica, Magna, different names for 100% quality

Superior quality Red Naomi roses – absolutely the best. Supras have been specially selected from all our roses. All lengths have an extra large bud, a thick stem and they also meet all other additional quality requirements. Our ‘Supra’ roses are hand picked. As a result, they are guaranteed to have a 14-day vase life.

Unica & Magna
Roses that do not quite achieve the Supra level but are still extremely fine examples, are sold with the Unica and Magna labels. These roses have large buds, thick stems and a long vase life all year round. Unica and Magna are both well-known for their consistently excellent quality.

HOLLANDA by Porta Nova
HOLLANDA Roses are beautiful and reliable traditional Dutch red roses grown with Dutch craftsmanship and passion. They have the reliability, tightness, subtle scent and vase life Porta Nova roses are known for, but are less thicker in terms of bud and stem.

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