With the greatest care we deliver our Naomi roses to our clients, in order to guarantee an optimal vase life to the consumer. We have fine-tuned everything in our production process in such a way that our roses have the potential to live on average 4 days longer than the roses from the competition.

Porta Nova works close together with Universities, researchers from Floralife & Chrysal and trade partners to constantly keep improving quality. But
of course in the end it is up to the traders and florist to also create the optimum circumstances during transport and in the shops, to let our roses reach their full potential at the consumer.

To us it has become very clear that if we work together as a chain by setting up close cooperations and keep making small improvements together we will improve results for everyone. Do contact us if
you are interested in learning more or setup an improvement program!


For the best result with our during storage and transport:

  • Maintain an optimal storage temperature between 2-5ºC
  • Pay attention to the humidity level in the storage space: it may not be higher than 90%
  • For best results store & transport on water
  • Use clean buckets
  • Do not transport together with fruit as this can cause ethylene damage


For the best result with our roses:

  • Put the rose on water as soon as possible after purchase
  • Use a clean, disinfected (e.g. chlorine) vase with water and cutflower nutrients.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut 4-5 cm of the rose stems at an angle (also in bouquets!)
  • Remove leaves from the stems so that no leaves are below the water level
  • Never scrape the skin off the stems since this will lead to increased bacterial growth.
  • Place the vase of roses in a draught-free location to prevent them from becoming limp. – Never place a vase of roses in the sun.
  • Change the water regularly and prevent it from becoming cloudy!


For the best result with our roses:

  • The optimal storage temperature is 2-5ºC
  • Pay attention to the humidity level in the storage space: it may not be higher than 90%
  • Prevent damage to the stems when removing leaves
  • Storage in water is preferred from a quality point of view
  • Use clean water with flower food, clean packaging and clean buckets
  • Give or sell a Flowerfood sachet along
    with the roses