PORTA NOVA, Dedicated to quality in horticulture

As a rose nursery, Porta Nova specializes in cultivating top quality Red Naomi! roses. The company was created as a result of a merger of three rose nurseries by the names of Aad Luijk, Leon Dukker and Nico van Vuuren. They put together their knowledge experience and passion with the aim to grow the best roses in the world.

The base for Porta Nova was already laid more then a century ago when the families Luijk and Dukker first became involved in horticulture during the 1800s.

At Porta Nova, we focus completely on quality. This focus is reflected in all aspects of our operations and it leads to a continuous process of improvement involving both our products, the organization and the world around us.

This is best reflected in our new nursery. We did everything in our power to create optimal circumstances for our Red Naomi! Roses. With a year round stable climate, exactly the right nutrition, an abundance of light and special training methods for our staff.

On top of that it is our most environmental friendly nursery until now. We switched to gasless growing. We use green current and keep our roses fit and healthy using natural methods to control diseases and harmful organisms. We strive to obtain the lowest carbon footprint per rose.