About the rose Red Naomi

The rose Red Naomi was introduced to the flower markets in 2006. And currently Red Naomi rose has become by far the most important dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment.

She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. She is the only red rose with an extremely large flower-head and a subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses. No other red rose in the market has a better petal count than Red Naomi!®.

She has it all: Long stems, outstanding transportability, superb vaselife.

If you are looking for a red rose with an excellent head-size, she has what you need, by stretch of the imagination. Her large red, dense and lightly fragrant petals will leave you rosy for over a fortnight. Another benefits of working with Red Naomi roses is that they have relatively few thorns compared with other red roses.

Because of the extreme large flower head, luxurious look & feel and unique perfume Red Naomi roses are popular with celebrities and top floral designers.

Top 5 pictures of the rose Red Naomi

Top 5 floral design picture with Red Naomi roses