Porta Nova is the largest grower of Naomi roses in the world and we are committed to delivering the best possible quality at all times. We grow around 60 million Naomi roses a year, ‘delivering floral happiness to roughly 20 million people every year.’ Every day we strive to do better than the day before. You could say that we have an unending improvement process.


PORTA NOVA OFFERS YOU CERTAINTY EVERY DAY. Porta Nova produces the best Naomi roses with great passion. Porta Nova distinguishes itself by its business philosophy which always ensures top quality. We harvest and process our roses 7 days a week, and offer them for sale straightaway the next day, which means our roses are always fresh. This enables us to offer our customers a firm QUALITY GUARANTEE! We always take complaints seriously. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, the roses are always replaced free of charge. And because we are the largest grower of Red Naomi! there are ample quantities available.


At Porta Nova, we prioritize exceptional customer care. We provide a variety of packaging options tailored to your needs. Whether your goal is to reduce costs, save on labor, or minimize your environmental footprint, we have the right solutions for you. 

For example, for those servicing retail, we can deliver our roses in a Retail-Ready Bucket, either round or square, with the number of bunches and stems you request.

Also we can trim the leaves for our customers at a low cost. This way, the roses can be used immediately in a bouquet! 

Furtermore we offer custom stem quantities, allowing you to select the exact number of stems per bunch. Additionally, upon request, the bunches can be equipped with a barcode sticker! 


Porta Nova Red Naomi roses now also available dry in boxes! or on CC- Save on transport costs by transporting dry. Depending on the destination, 30-50% less cost- Reduce your transport footprint (70% less footprint)- Available in Box the entire range: SUPRA, UNICA, MAGNA, HOLLANDA, A2 All lengths.


Porta Nova sells its products direct and via the clock every day. You can also place your order in advance, giving you certainty about the quantities and the price. You can also make longterm agreements for a year or certain months or periods, as well as all festive occasions.

That means you will be sure of your quantities, and you can offer your customers price certainty. Share your requirements with us or your supplier and we will provide you with a tailor-made quote which incorporates all your requirements.

Buying from the greenhouse via your webshop. Porta Nova is encouraging the option for exporters, wholesalers and florists to buy directly from Porta Nova’s greenhouse whilst trade continues through all existing channels.


Higher returns through collaboration

The basis for a successful promotion is without a doubt a top product. But besides delivering a top product we want to support you with selling Porta Nova roses. In order to do this, we have put together a wide range of sales support options for you that we can apply throughout Europe.

These include advertising signs and banners bearing your company logo, and luxury information leaflets for your customers with extensive information about Porta Nova, our philosophy, our products and the QUALITY GUARANTEE that we offer.

Our support package also includes a professional Porta Nova product presentation at your business, or support for your customer events with product, promotions, workshops or a floral arranger. Ask us or your supplier about the possibilities for working together to inspire, inform and support your customers and staff in selling top quality Porta Nova roses.


Porta Nova is more than happy to welcome you and your customers to our nursery and have a peek in our kitchen. Explore the secrets behind our top-quality roses. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.


Porta Nova works with a number of top designers in order to inspire florists and help them improve their return. We offer the option of working with you to provide an impressive show organised by a top designer at open days or presentations to inspire your customers. 

On our website we offer a wide range of floral design images with our roses available to download and use on your own website of social media. 


Have questions or special requests? Reach out anytime. We’re here to make things easy for you. 

Jan (+316 – 242 53 458) 
Sarah (+31 6 53 70 31 63‬)