Italian Love for Garden Wedding Designs Using Porta Nova Red Naomi roses by Ivan Bergh

Italy is a country renowned for its love of celebrations, particularly those that take place in the ambience of a garden. From intimate gatherings to grand weddings, Italians embrace the…

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Porta Nova “ Young & Wild”. The Good the Bad & The Ugly

It’s the return of the cowboy from the West(land)! Available from monday June 24th for +/- 12 weeks . Dear Flower trader / Florist, For the past 4 years, you’ve…

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Red Naomi wedding design by Laura DRAGHICI

Red rose “Red Naomi” from Porta Nova Is the Symbol of Love and Passion.

Her association with love stories dates back centuries and transcends cultures. It is globally accepted that the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Red roses have…

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Exquisite Easter Floral Designs With Porta Nova Red Naomi roses by Roman Fedorovich

Exquisite Easter Floral Designs With Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

Meet Roman Fedorovich As we approach this year’s Easter Holidays, floral artist Roman Fedorovich and his team decided to impress us with some beautiful Easter-themed floral arrangements designed with Porta…

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Celebrating Women Florists: A Big Shoutout to Your Incredible Work!

Ever stop to think about the impact flowers can have, especially on days like International Women’s Day? Well, turns out flowers speak volumes – they show admiration, appreciation, love, and…

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Wishing you all the Best this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Season here with us, we appreciate the floral artists out there for their great work in bringing out various expressions of love in unique floral languages We recognize…

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Claudia’s Interactive Valentine’s Day Window display that can be experienced and bought by customers

We recently partnered with one of our favourite floral artists, Claudia Tararache of Floraria Anthurium, to sprinkle some Porta Nova Red Naomi magic on the Valentine’s Season. The main idea…

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Cindy Gunther christmas

Red Naomi Roses Bring Out the Christmas Cheer and Warmth in Floral Bouquets

By Cindy Gunther Watch the intense colour, the generosity of the petals, and the exceptional looks of Porta Nova’s Red Naomi. Every year, designers compete in originality for the decorations…

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Stilfloristerna i Linköping brought glam and colour at the Linköping University Graduation Ceremony with Porta Nova Red Naomi

The closing weekend of November saw the dynamic and talented team from Stilfloristerna i Linköping create some decorations for this year’s annual graduation ceremony for 685 students of Linköping University….

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