Everlasting Quality

Discover the secrets of growing the best roses

From our nurseries to the vase of our customers. Join us on a fascinating trip. See how we prepare first class rose food in our star awarded restaurant. Discover the ingenious technique behind gasless growing and creating a stable climate in our nurseries every day of the year. Experience the tough but fair selection process all our roses have to undergo and see how we test them under difficult circumstances. You will discover that growing the best Red Naomi! is a matter of mixing craftsmanship and experience with the latest insights and technology. Combining this with the passion to do better every day results in the best roses available.


Top-level dining every day

Roses are demanding eaters. So, feeding them ‘haute cuisine’ is crucial. Especially if you want them to grow into the most beautiful and strongest Red Naomi! roses. Our ‘star-awarded’ restaurant ensures that they get the best food every day: with exactly the right ingredients in exactly the right quantities. Like all the famous chefs, we know that, ultimately, the customer is king. That is why we adapt each and every meal to the requirements and needs of the roses, so even the most demanding rose is kept happy.

Star awarded restaurant


Discover Porta Nova’s sustainable energy source

Granted, when you enter the Green Room, nature is the last thing that springs to mind. The first thing you notice is the complicated system of pipes that is more likely to make you think of technology and innovation than a sustainable energy source. But still, this space is fully in line with our commitment to a low carbon footprint and the desire to grow without using gas. Because this is where we get the power for our climators, which naturally heat the nursery in winter and cool it down in summer. To achieve this, we need to descend 100 metres and delve beneath the clay of Waddinxveen. Here the temperature is extremely stable, and hot water stays hot for months while cool water stays cool for equally as long

The Greenroom


Where our roses are pampered

The nursery is a place where our roses feel right at home. We make every effort to create the best possible conditions and are always looking for the ideal growing climate. The growers’ craft is everything in this respect. It’s all about the knowledge and experience Porta Nova has garnered over the years. This expertise meets new challenges every day and is fed with new scientific findings that we try out and put into action using the latest technology. Because this technology allows us to put our ideas into practice right there in the greenhouse.

The Nursery


The roses get prepared for their audition

There’s no way round it: cutting tends to be a bit of a shock to our roses. To ensure they recover from this ordeal as much as possible they get put into our special Recovery Room right away. This is where they get their first drink of water, which is wonderfully cool and enriched with a special mix of ingredients that helps them recover quickly. The first feed is important, because in the first two hours the roses take on 70% of the water they are going to use for the rest of their life! This way we prepare them for a long, beautiful vase life.

The Recovery Room


Every rose auditions for SUPRA

Let there be no mistake: the quality of our Red Naomi! is always top notch. And they have an exceptional and beautiful vase life. However, not all of them will be awarded the Supra label. That is reserved for roses that are close to perfect. With a beautiful, straight stem and a voluptuous flower head. So to ensure that those who want Supra actually get Supra, every single one of our roses must audition for the part. And believe us, we are at least as strict as the X Factor judges.


Our roses stay cool until they leave

After selection, the roses need to rest. They are put in an auction bucket that has undergone special cleaning and get new, clean, wonderfully cool water enriched with exactly the right mix of nutrients that keeps them fresh for longer. They are also pampered with a constant temperature of 0.5 degrees. After this VIP treatment, they’re completely refreshed and ready to go out into the world for a long, glittering career. Here, too, we give our roses the best treatment possible.


On the way to a long and glittering career

The orders have been readied in the Wellness centre and then move on to Departures. Here, too, the temperature is kept as low as possible. For example, the loading dock is kept airtight to ensure the temperature does not go up every time we want to load a new truck. We do everything we can right up to the last moment to ensure our roses get the best treatment. To ensure our customers get the finest roses we can supply all year round.



How do our roses perform out in the real world?

We try to improve the way we care for our roses every day. This way, we make sure that our roses are always of superior quality. To ensure that our efforts bear fruit in practice, we regularly check up on our roses in the real world. And then we compare the results with roses from other growers.