Porta Nova & “The Quest for the perfect climate.”

The nursery is the place where our roses should feel right at home. We make every effort to create the best possible conditions. Creating the perfect climate is like hunting for our holy grail!

We want a climate in which we grow perfect quality roses in high volume in the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

To help our growers we have installed the latest techniques at our new greenhouse. Let me show you.


First of all, the greenhouse itself. It is made of steel and glass and is 7 meters high. It has glass windows on the top, each of which can be opened or closed using our climate computer to let out excess heat or humidity.

Just below the windows you can see our special double screening from Ludwig Svenson. We can use it to keep heat inside during winter or summer to keep heat and light outside.


The lighting we use inside our greenhouses is a combination of traditional “Sonte light” and ultramodern LED light. This allows the plants to get all the light they need to grow perfectly.

Traditional light helps to heat efficiently in winter. The LED light is perfectly tailored to the needs of our rose plants and gives a reduction of 25% in energy costs.

And important to mention We buy green energy to source our lighting

Climate scensors

One of our most important innovations are these small boxes. They are climate sensors we developed in collaboration with Technolution.

Each greenhouse has 120 of them. They are based on “the Internet of Things” running via a so-called LORA network. A network of these sensors constantly measures changes in temperature and humidity throughout the nursery and gives us a three-dimensional scan of the climate everywhere in the greenhouse.

Climators for gasless growing

To heat the greenhouse, we harvest the heat in the summer and we store it 100 meters underground.

By doing that we can cool in summer and heat in winter in a super environmental way.  We are the first rose grower who is able to grow without using gas.

Porta Nova & “The Quest for the perfect climate.”

But there is much more; Co2 injection, heating pipes, sprinklers on the roof, a recycled feeding system and of course the healthy crop itself has a big influence on the climate.

Our climate computer can steer most technology on an individual or section basis. So fed by information from the Lora network we can anticipate any climate challenges in different sections of the greenhouse.

We do this for example by turning the climators up or down and opening or closing particular windows to heat things up or cool them down at a specific spot in the nursery.

Thanks to this system we have a year-round stable climate and we are able to grow perfectly fine roses in the nursery every day of the year.

All of this technology combined with the knowledge of our “growers” helps us on our never-ending quest for the perfect climate.