The Recovery Room

“However you look at it being chopped at the stem by a pair of scissors is a big shock for our roses. To help them to recover as quickly as possible we transfer them to our special recovery room”

“Goodmorning Nurse Florance, how is our patient doing?” “All looking good doctor Aad”

“To ensure speedy recovery we need to cool the patient down quickly. They will then relax and the breathing will slow down.”

“At the same time we feed them cold clean water with a special mix of ingredients that takes care of bacterias en ensures the stems take up as much water as they can.  This will ensure that they will be able to continue to drink water and food during  that important final phase of their lives on the vase.

“Although the end is near for our patient, good care and recovery is key to looking great for the last two weeks in the vase”

— Aad van Luijck, Porta Nova