Month: September 2020

Porta Nova Magna bunch

Welcome back Porta Nova Magna.

In April 2020, the first roses were planted in the new greenhouse and we started to build up the plants. On 29th of July, the first rough stems were harvested…

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Unique and stylish Porta Rova Red Naomi designs by Alena Chudopal

Alena Chudopal hails from Krasnoyarsk, an area with scenic landscapes along the Yenisey River in Siberia, Russia. Alena is an established floral artist with an enviable 20 years’ experience in…

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Glue technique Red Naomi centerpiece by Anna Popova

When she turned 30, Anna Popova decided to make a major switch in her life; she dived into the world of floristry. She wanted to own and run a flower-shop…

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