Red Naomi! was selected by Metz as the premium red rose on Valentine’s Day 2011 because of its outstanding characteristics. By selling Red Naomi! to your customers, you are selling the most beautiful red rose which comes with ‘Love Guarantee’. Metz ran a contest during the day: whereby visitors were asked to guess how many Red Naomi! roses were used in creating the huge heart. This huge heart, filled with Red Naomi roses from grower Porta Nova was, without a doubt the public’s favorite! The person with the correct answer won a Trip for Two to the Netherlands with an exciting itinerary; to see how the beautiful Red Naomi! roses are produced at the ultra modern Porta Nova farm and a visit to Schreurs, the breeder of Red Naomi!

porta nova red naomi

Share some love with Red Naomi! Red Naomi! is the most beautiful large headed red rose at the market! She is loved by many florists. This year, 2011, we have a special tour with the fabulous Red Naomi!® heart, organized by Schreurs, together with trade to make consumers aware about the most beautiful Red Rose: Red Naomi!® It is about time that consumers knew this rose by name!

The roses and the heart are the ultimate symbols of love! Love at all levels, between lovers, family and friends! We will travel with the huge heart across Europe and place it at unique and famous locations that most people know through magazines and postcards. We want to give everybody who is visiting these places of touristic value an opportunity to take pictures with the huge heart. The pictures will be placed at a Facebook page specially dedicated for this tour: For France we think of the Eiffeltower or Versailles as the ideal location, but of-course the French florists can inform us of even better spots! Other locations we might be coming to this year: the Big Ben or Westminster Abbey in London, the tower of Pisa or perhaps the Red Square in Moscow. The kick off of the Share some Love with Red Naomi! tour was held during Metz Day in Paris just a few days before Valentine’s Day.

The nice pictures in this newsitem are taken at the Metz Day! Red Naomi!® the rose with ‘Love Guarantee’ She is a rose that expresses love with a fine touch at the very core of someone’s heart. Her characteristics are superior: she shows good transportability, stays fresh for long in cold storage and has a long vase life. Red Naomi!® is the ONLY large flower-head red rose with a subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses.

Large headed
High petal count
Perfect velvety red
Nostalgic hint fragrance

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