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Hanneke Frankema is the new European Champion

The Polish city of Katowice was transformed into a floral haven from the 25th to the 26th of August after Masterflorists from across Europe converged for a showdown to determine…

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Stilfloristerna i Linköping with some Red Naomi inspiration and more

We recently spoke to Jimmy Englund and Joakim Anrell of Stilfloristerna i Linköping, a few days after the merriments and elaborate celebrations of Midsummer in Sweden. The duo shared with…

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Surviving this Season’s Wedding Tsunami

I’m sure we are all looking forward to an exciting and busy wedding season this summer, especially after we missed out on last year’s season due to the pandemic. This…

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Why I Love my Mum – Florists share love for with their Mother’s with Porta Nova

This Mother’s Day, Porta Nova has joined several florists in making the day just a bit more memorable for their mums, or for that special mother figure in their lives….

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The Recovery Room

“However you look at it being chopped at the stem by a pair of scissors is a big shock for our roses. To help them to recover as quickly as…

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Porta Nova wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day

From the yesteryears of early 1900’s to the present day, March 8th continues to be that special day set aside to honour and celebrate the various achievements and milestones made…

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A Simple Message of Love from Fabio Sicurella

Since the first time we featured Fabio Sicurella on this platform, he has continuously displayed his talent and passion for floral design through numerous other creations. He has shared with…

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A poetic touch of Red Naomi this Valentine’s Season by Cesare Bianchi

Cesare Bianchi’s passion for creating exemplary art forms is inspired by among other things, a quest to spread love. “Unless you love, your life will flash by,” says Cesare as…

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Christmas the Swedish way with Heidi Mikkonen & Porta Nova White Naomi

Earlier in the year, Heidi Mikkonen shared with us some amazing designs she’d created using Porta Nova White Naomi and Red Naomi roses (CLICK HERE TO CHECK THAT OUT). Through…

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