“This is what good vibes, creativity, teamwork and gorgeous roses get you” Claudia Tararache

In this article, floral artist Claudia Tararache takes us behind the scenes in the making of this gorgeous floral crown. She shares a story of creativity, and lasting relations that enabled her to make this stunning piece.

It is so beautiful to be surrounded by people who bring to light the best part of us, support and nourish us with good vibes, feelings and excitement!

claudia tararache red naomi unica crown 1

The collaboration with Mary Taylor from Retro-Art Studio started a few months ago, when she commissioned a flower arrangement (bouquet) for a photo shoot. The very moment I saw her photos, I fell in love instantly. Our collaboration is very beautiful and is based on respect and communication.

claudia tararache red naomi unica crown creativity 2

When she needs natural flowers for photo sessions, she lets me know and I make a design complying to her wishes. We have a strong teamwork. This time I had to create an elegant and imposing crown for a photo session, so, the flowers that I have chosen for this gorgeous crown were the beautiful Red Naomi Unica roses, the delicate Vanda Orchids and the candid Talinum Long John.

claudia tararache red naomi unica crown creativity 3
Claudia and the Anthurium Flowers team

The Creativity process

To start with, I used wire to bend the Red Naomi stems, then I wrapped them in tape. The next step was to twist the stems on a ribbon. The crown was made with 2 parts bended upon each other.

When the base with Red Naomi Roses was completed, I glued the Vanda orchids and the talinum Long John and, there it was! I can’t wait to make the headphones with the Red Naomi

claudia tararache red naomi unica crown creativity 6