Porta Nova “SUPRA” has been proven to be the best among Red roses in the world. With Extreme large buds and thick strong stems, SUPRA is the ultimate choice where Red Naomi is concerned. Top Floral designers and flowershop owners have been impressed by our Supras. We strive to have in our SUPRA range a unique selection which exceeds our usually strict quality standards. We handpick the most extreme Red Naomi roses for our “SUPRA” range.

The quality of our “Supra” range is guaranteed. She can be recognized by the Anthracite Porta Nova “SUPRA” packaging.

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Porta Nova Supra Extreme Red Naomi

Close up look at bouquet design by Ivvo Markou

Porta Nova Supra Extreme Red Naomi

Porta Nova Supra classic bridal bouquet by Ivana Spinneli

Porta Nova SUPRA extreme red naomi

Porta Nova love heart design by Victor Breuer

porta nova supra extreme red naomi

Porta Nova supra valentine’s day design by Oscar von Flora

Porta Nova Supra Extreme Red Naomi

Single Porta Nova Supra rose design by Frédéric Dupré


Lovely Porta Nova Supra design by Dan Xavier