Porta Nova Secret Revealed - The Eye of The Master

How does a rose achieved the status of Porta Nova “SUPRA”? 

Step 1 Sorting with our special ‘IRISS” camera. 
Good morning. At Porta Nova, we use the latest technology to sort our roses. We have invested heavily in new camera system. This camera system examines the stem length, stem thickness, bud opening, bud curve, stem curve and all the relationships between them.

The roses are then sort and trimmed when necessary on the basis of a computer analysis so that the relationship between the length, thickness and bud opening is perfect.

Another of Porta Nova’s Secrets revealed by our grower Aad van Luijk ; 
The Eye of the Master

Step 2 The Eye of the Master – Sorting by hand 
Yes… there is nothing better than the human eye. After our camera has selected the very best “SUPRA” roses, its our experts’ turn. They check every bunch and every rose by hand in our special “SUPRA” sorting rack. Our masters sort out another 10-15% which do no reach the predicate SUPRA!

That ensures that only the very best roses are given the status of Porta Nova Supra. 


eye-of-the-master-porta-nova eye-of-the-master-porta-nova-2 eye-of-the-master-porta-nova-3