Porta Nova is offering a chance to win a trip to Holland to visit Porta Nova’s greenhouse. 

In the week of 8 – 19 September we will hide  GOLDEN TICKETS in the bunches of Porta Nova “SUPRA”, “UNICA” & “MAGNA” sold by our partner exporters & Wholesalers.

For each Golden ticket there are Porta Nova goodies to win (Porta Nova Jackets, Personalized signing for your shop, Porta Nova flower vases etc.). The florist who finds the top prize is invited to visit us in the Netherlands together with his/her supplier where the Porta Nova roses were bought.

Always wanted to see what it is like to work surrounded by millions of Porta Nova Red Naomi roses. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Just collect the label from the bunch and visit our website to find out if you won a prize!

Go to our golden ticket section  where you will be asked to enter you unique winner code and answer a few questions on Porta Nova.

Porta Nova works close together with many exporters and wholesalers on delivering high quality Red Naomi roses. Therefor together we GUARANTEE the quality of Porta Nova Red Naomi roses!