With Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day and the UK’s Mother’s Day now behind us, the next holiday that the floral world is excited about is, of course, the Easter Holidays. This season which is celebrated all around the world as the ultimate long weekend when families gather for merry-making has strong ties to adherents of Christianity; who believe that Jesus died and rose again during this time. Easter season is also believed to be the magical time when the earth goes through her rebirth, and in her wake, the blissful spring season comes alive.   

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Easter is a blissful time for family and friends. It is a timely break for loved ones to get together, share meals, have fun and create beautiful lasting memories. Here at Porta Nova, we remain excited about the 2023 Easter Holidays especially because it’s another chance for us to partner with dear florists around the world to give people the opportunity to share affection and best wishes using our beautiful Red Naomi and White Naomi roses. It is always a refreshing way of closing the curtain on the first quarter of the year and ushering in a fresh second quarter. We would like to wish you great business this Easter and the best of luck in all your efforts.

For some inspiration, let us take a look back to last year when Claudia shared with us some inspiring stories about Easter in Romania, as well as this beautiful and unique Easter-themed creation. 

Easter Inspiration from Claudia Tararache

Claudia Tararache created this remarkable bouquet during last year’s Easter season. During that time, she described to us how Easter floral arrangements in Romania will mostly be complimented by eggs, feathers, twigs, and bunnies. At her shop, Anthurium Flowers, they like to work with moss and natural materials.

“One week before this holiday Romanians celebrate Flower Sunday. On this day people who are christened after a flower celebrate their name day. It is a very big celebration for us in the flower shop because many flowers are ordered,” she added. As we wish you a happy and fruitful Easter, check out some Easter stories from Romania and other European countries HERE.

Porta Nova Red Naomi Easter bouquet