At first glance, this may seem like a peaceful nursery, but it is actually one large battlefield. Our customers are not the only ones who like our roses, there are also a number of insects that love them a little too much. We therefore use biological control methods to fight these hostile insects.” Natural Pest & Disease Management is one of our secrets to getting top quality roses.

Video – Natural Pest & Disease Management

Thrips are some of the insects that cause so much nuisance. They really love to nibble on our rose buds. To combat them, we use Cucumeris, a 1 mm sized mite. They include 1,500 mites. Every year we bring 700 million Cucumeris into the battlefield in the war against Thrips.” Porta Nova Strives for 100% Biological control in its greenhouses.

Biological Pest Control = Healthy Crop. A healthy crop means top Quality Roses! “And it is also very good for the environment.”