During the Interflora World Cup competition in Berlin, 26 selected florists from various countries competed for the title of “Fleurop – Interflora World Champion”. The event was held in Berlin

and participants were required to make 4 pieces in 2 days.    Three of the pieces could be prepared off-site (design) and there was one surprise piece. Ten finalists were announced the next day to battle for the ultimate title.

The flowers were sponsored by our trading partner FleuraMetz. Two of the candidates decided to work with our Porta Nova Red Naomi roses.

Jacob McCall from the United States and Tanus Saab from Brazil both worked with our Red Naomi roses. The results were beautiful and we are very proud that our roses were used!

Tanus Saab from Brazil, “100% personal” assignment

The first World Cup task involved the personalities of the participants. There were no rules or guidelines, but the pieces had to highlight different aspects of the characters of the participants.

Tanus created a unique design where he combined many tropical flowers with our Porta Nova ‘Supra’ roses.




Read more about this creation in the interview with Tanus on Flowerweb

Jacob McCall from the United States’ assignment: “100% organic”

The third task was all about the ‘power of omission’. All of the participants were asked not to use any material that is not recyclable. This was all about creating a flower arrangement that is 100% organic, without any floral foam, rope or metal.

Jacob made a unique organic structure of horns for this assignment, Afterwards he also worked with our Red Naomi roses.




Read more about this creation in the interview with Jacob on Flowerweb

Flowerweb also has an overview of interviews with making-of pictures of all the floral designs of all the participants of the Fleurop Interflora Interflora World Cup, Berlin 2015.

Video from day one

An overview of the results from the first day from the Fleurop – Interflora World Cup 2015 in Berlin. Read the interviews and step by step stories on www.Flowerweb.com/worldcup

Posted by Flowerweb on Friday, June 12, 2015

Video from day two

An overview from the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup 2015 in Berlin. “Day two results” Checkout step by step pictures and interviews with the competitors on www.flowerweb.com/worldcup

Posted by Flowerweb on Monday, June 15, 2015