In September Porta Nova was offering its clients a chance to win a trip to Holland to visit Porta Nova’s greenhouse. 

In the week of 8 – 19 September we hid GOLDEN TICKETS in the bunches of Porta Nova “SUPRA”, “UNICA” & “MAGNA” sold by our partner exporters & Wholesalers. For each Golden ticket there w Porta Nova goodies to be won (Porta Nova Jackets, Personalized signing for your shop, Porta Nova flower vases etc.).

The florists who found the tickets had to login online and answer some simple questions to see what and if they had won a prize.  Over 900 florists have entered the competition and we have over 50 winners who have won Porta Nova goodies together with their supplier. We are still busy getting all the prizes to be delivered to the winners.

The two main winners, should feel like “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” as they are invited to visit Porta Nova Rose factory together with their supplier where they bought our roses. Congratulations Marko Peräsaari from Salmelan Kukka ja Hautaustoimisto and his supplier Ab Stig Ström Oy
AND Grit Lenkewitz from Schoenes aus Blumen and her supplier Blumen Schröter

Thank your all for participating!

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 Some of our happy winners

Porta-nova-golden ticket- 6

main winner Grit Lenkewitz from Schoenes aus Blumen

wPorta-nova-golden ticket- 4

Porta-nova-golden ticket- 5

Porta-nova-golden ticket- 2

Porta-nova-golden ticket- 3