Portanova introduces new A2 packaging.

A2 Grade at a higher level

We were able to upgrade our A2 quality through investments in our post harvest  area and now it deserved its own packaging instead of a white A-II sticker.


After 12 years of loyal service we say farewell to the white sticker on our A2 sorting.

Distinctive with respect to A1

Despite the change in our packaging and upgrade of the A2 quality, we do believe that it should be very clear to everyone that they are not A1 Portanova roses!

Therefore, you can now recognize our A2 Porta Nova roses by its new blue-gray packaging and we included a A2 stamp on the packaging. We are convinced you wille be able to commercialize our A2 even better.

With pain in our hearts we say farewell to the white A2 sticker

The new blue-gray colored A2 packaging

Recognizable by its A2 classification stamp














Product Photos
For our A2 roses there are also new auction image available. They can be downloaded from our website: http://www.portanova.nl/downloads/