It’s the return of the cowboy from the West(land)! Available from monday June 24th for +/- 12 weeks .

Dear Flower trader / Florist,

For the past 4 years, you’ve been able to purchase Porta Nova “Wild West” from us. These are the wild Red Naomi roses that we can still find in our greenhouses but don’t quite meet the “Porta Nova” standard. They may vary slightly in bud shape, opening, and color, but they are still good in terms of vase life.

At our newest facility, we planted new Red Naomi roses in one of our 4 greenhouses in April. In about 2 weeks, we’ll be harvesting the first “Wild” roses.

Because the rose plants are still young, they sometimes don’t produce roses of Porta Nova quality. Some are “Good,” some are “Bad,” and some are “Ugly.” That’s why we don’t sell these roses under our Porta Nova brand. They also don’t correspond to the current “Wild West” you’ve come to expect from us. Therefore, the first roses will be marketed as Wild West “Young & Wild.”

With this new crop, some of the stems are incredibly long and sturdy with huge rose buds. They sometimes take on magical shapes and colors as they open. Some already last very long up to 21 days where others only last 4 days. They make a beautiful gift we do not want to deny you and your clients. Please note that we cannot give any guarantee on vase life of these flowers.

The new planting is growing steadily, and we expect them to be available for approximately 12 weeks starting from monday June 24th 2024, until production in the new greenhouse is normalized. The roses are available at auction and through direct sales.

They are packaged in the special “Wild West” packaging and can be identified by the “Young & Wild” sticker. They will be offered in our webshop as “Young & Wild” under nr. 158888.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Porta Nova Wild West

Who wants to join us on another Exciting Adventure?

As you may know, the first stems that grow on new rose plants are often real Big Bastards. They are huge and strong because all the new energy from the roots is pumped straight into the first stems of each plant.

Since they are not yet stable, these youngsters are real rascals and can be a bit of a problem. They can have a vase-life of 4-14 days.

We are selecting the nicest Big Bastards especially for you. Take caution, as they will only be available for about 12 weeks while the plants settle.

So take a chance and try them now before it is too late! No Warranty !