Porta Nova collaborates with top floral designers in the world. We offer traders to organize a fantastic show or a special presentation at your or our facilities in order to help inspire your customers.

Collaborating with top designers

Porta Nova sponsors and collaborations with several top designers in the world. We can offer traders the opportunity organize a fantastic show at open days or do a special presentation in order to help you inspire your customers.

Presentation in wholesale and cash & carry

Porta Nova does not have any general promotional materials. Every wholesaler and/or cash & carry is different and different displays suit different locations. If you would like to receive some inspirational ideas, we can get in touch with you and create specific, tailor-made promotional materials.

Customer reception

Porta Nova would love to welcome you to their premises with your customers. Lunch or a snack and drink after your visit are, of course, also an option.

Stronger together than alone

The basis for promotion is a great product. Porta Nova works closely with its customers, companies such as Chrysal, Floralife, universities and other business in order to further improve quality.

It is quite clear that the entire chain can reap the benefits of applying minor improvements and as a result of us providing useful advice to our customers.