Red Naomi Wishing Well at IPM Essen 2015

Of course you’ve heard the various fascinating tales and legends revolving around wishing wells that brought good luck. Maybe the one about a sleepy Italian village and its secret wishing well that was meant to make villagers richer.

Or about the lone lad who really never bothered to wish for richness yet scored more coin than his peers. Or any other stark old wells that spoke good fortune to those who took time to throw a coin above their right shoulders into the well. You’ve heard of them all, but have you heard of the floral wishing well? The wishing well that was brought to life by Belgian florist Jan De Ridder? The one made of top quality Red Naomi roses from Porta Nova?

Porta Nova Red Naomi spiral design

Florist Ania Norwood with Porta Nova Red Naomi wishing wellDuring the 2015 IPM Essen event in Germany, Jan joined by Floral designers Ania Norwood, Anika Kovak and Porta Nova’s Paul Poelstra, created a beautiful floral wishing well at the entrance to the FDF stand. The masterpiece featured Porta Nova Red Naomi Florist Jan de ridder busy at work creating Porta Nova Red Naomi wishing well-28roses in a never-ending spiral that gave the impression of a deep wishing well. The floral designer used a clever mirror effect of water that showed off a circular shaped moving string full of roses. The Red Naomi Wishing Well was not only a creative mega arrangement and great for photo-ops & selfies… but also served as a gesture to wish florist and trade good fortune during the approaching Valentines Day season.


The team with a string of Red Naomi roses

Creative team pictured L-R: Florists Jan de Ridder, Ania Norwood and Aniko Kovacs with Porta Nova’s Paul Poelstra

Florist Jan de Ridder put everything in place Porta Nova Red Naomi wishing well

Floral designer Jan de Ridder

Red Naomi wishing well at FDF entrance

The setting for the Red Naomi wishing well was the FDF stand at IPM Essen

Porta-Nova-Red-Naomi-wishing well team and setting

The team taking a moment before the creative process… Ania, Jan, Paul and Aniko

Porta-Nova-Red-Naomi-wishing well Jan de Ridder busy

Jan enjoying moments during the mega arrangement

Porta Nova Red Naomi rose stems

Top quality Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

Porta-Nova-Red-Naomi having some fun

The florists having some fun… Jan, Ania and Aniko

Red Naomi spiral design

Red Naomi… spiral to infinity

Porta Nova Red Naomi ania and aniko

Floral designers Ania Norwood and Aniko Kovaks

Porta-Nova-Red-Naomi-wishing well created by Jeff de Ridder

Floral designer Jeff de Ridder