Porta Nova Red Naomi Vase Life

At Porta Nova we are dedicated to deliver the absolute best quality.  Therefore we are able to give you a quality guarantee and offer you certainty every single day!.

This focus is reflected in all aspects of our operations and it leads to a continuous process of improvement involving both our products and the organization.

Stronger together than alone
The basis for promotion is a great product. Porta Nova works closely with its customers and expert in the chain, companies such as Chrysal, Floralife, universities and other businesses in order to further improve quality.

One of this partners is Flowerwatch with whom we do do independent test of the quality of our roses throughout the year. The vase life  is tested in an area with temperature and lighting control. Our researchers use cameras to register the vase life of the flowers and plants.

We wanted to share with you a time-laps of one of the latest test of our Porta Nova SUPRA Red Naomi roses at Flowerwatch facilities.