Porta Nova is happy to work alongside customers both at home and abroad in order to get the very best from the collaboration.

Price certainty

Porta Nova offers its products daily at the clock. In addition, you can place an order in advance and be guaranteed a price and the quantities you require. To take away all uncertainties concerning pricing we also offer the possibility to make fixed price agreements for the holidays. If you notify us or your supplier of your requirements, we can provide you with a tailor-made quote. Every request can be accommodated, e.g. year/month/(bank) holiday quotes.

Buying from the greenhouse via your webshops

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Porta Nova encourages exporters, wholesalers and florists to buy direct from the glasshouse although trade continues to run via all existing channels.

Exporters that would like to link their systems to our stock can download a subscription form here

More than standard
If you have rose requirements and decide to take up our offer to fulfil them, you will avoid unnecessary costs and be assured of the very best quality. This could relate to:

  • Different quantities in another crate (e.g. length 40 and/or 50 per 40 in a 566 crate)
  • Delivery in other carts or in your own packaging.