Since its inception, Social Media has been a game-changer in how brands and individuals communicate with their target audiences and markets. Valentine’s Day being one of the most important days in floristry means that floral artists are putting their best foot forward in their social media engagements. As we found out, the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic has not dampened their spirits at all. Florists are showcasing amazing and inspiring Valentine’s Day designs across all digital platforms. After all, it is always better to #SayItWithFlowers. Here are some of the designs we found in social media with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses.

Part of the Valentine’s Day collection by UK based floral artist Timo Bolte

This was gorgeous .. by holland_blumen_aschaffenburg

Some love hearts from @prinsgatansblomsteraffar

Beautiful bouquets by fiori_bertola

Porta Nova offers at @mdfexport and a display of excellent floristry skills by Hanneke Frankema

Claudia Tararache of Floraria Anthurium has a string of delightful surprises this Valentine’s Day

Nice love-hearts by @prinsgatansblomsteraffar

@gentil_pensiero and @florpassion

#SayitWithFlowers live on facebook

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