"Solar Explosions" Tom de Houwer Fleuramour Alden Biesen Red Naomi

In the French Garden of the castle at Alden Biesen, Floral designer Tom de Houwer created some magnificent floral displays during this year Fleur Amour. One of the with our Porta Nova roses.

The work was named “Solar Explosions”.

The shape is inspired by the sun, a common good of all earthy residents. Our parent star is certainly not a dull and lifeless celestial body. When we start looking closer it appears that the sun experiences an explosive existence. Major eruptions and changes in the visible surface and other energetic processes on this star are on the order of the day. These outbursts and eruptions are shown abstract in the floral design.

Tom used red Cornus branches that were tide with Metal  brackets. The structure was than covered with Cotinus leaves. He just glued a part of the leave to that they would curl up on the sides and your see the nice color on the backside.

After Tom used Porta Nova Red Naomi roses to created the burning sun. The vibrant red color of the roses give a dramatic effect to the whole structure.

The making off this creation can be seen here