Table decoration with Porta Nova SUPRA Red Naomi roses

The floraldesign talent Charlotte Bartholomé was asked to create a floral living room in a music theme during Fleuramour 2014.

Charlotte who loves to work with red roses thought off a “Classical Music style” with a plush table setting. She thought our  Porta Nova “SUPRA” Red Naomi Roses  would fit very well with that. So we were happy to support her in this challenge.

For the structure she started of by creating a table, stools, a painting and a harp from Isolation wood and Smithers Oasis Floral Foam covered with the bark of a banana tree.

Thereafter she unpacked and prepared the “Supra” Red Naomi roses. The roses were placed in the oasis and in a shape of musical shape or scale.

She took the petals of a few roses and first treated them with a hardener. After that she glued the petals to the strings of the harp and some thin wires running from the harp to the roses in the painting on the wall.

It created a nice effect like the classical music is flowing from the harp through the room.

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"The Magic of Classical Music" by Charlotte Bartholomé with Porta Nova red naomi roses

“The Magic of Classical Music” by Charlotte Bartholomé

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Charlotte Bartholome with Red Naomi roses from Porta Nova

Charlotte Bartholomé with our Red Naomi! roses

Red Naomi tabel design by Charlotte Bartholome at Fleuramour

A job well done … Sante!