Since Porta Nova opened for business, not only have we evolved to become the biggest grower of Naomi Roses, but we have also kept our brand promise of aiming at growing the best red roses in the world. With small improvements every day it keeps getting better!

And in the last few months, our SUPRA Red Naomi roses have become bigger and nicer than ever before!

porta nova supra top quality

Thanks to our new greenhouse, our Climators and the new LED lighting, we are able to grow perfect roses in a perfect climate, and most importantly, in a sustainable way. We are able to achieve this both during winter and summer.

With all the tools and options at our disposal, it of course takes some time to learn how to grow perfectly. But we can proudly say that our Red Naomi quality is now better than ever before. Our Supra Roses are large, open beautifully and have remarkably long vase lives.

Additionally, all our roses are grown sustainably. They do not have to be flown across an ocean but are available fresh every day. We use high % LED Lighting and our Climators allow us to “Harvest” the summer heat and store it underground to be used during the winter time. For pest control, we adhere to the most stringent EU laws and continually strive for 100 % biological pest control.

Supra Red Naomi

Here are some of the remarks shared by a cross-section of floral artists on the high quality, long-lasting, and sustainable attributes of Red Naomi Supra.

Laura Leong

Laura Leong described this design with Red Naomi and grey Lehner Wool plus Vanda Orchids as a nice depiction of the perfection of Red Naomi. “A heart for valentines that really emphasises the colour, perfection and head size of the Porta Nova Red Naomi.”

Dan Xavier

“Nothing says I Love You more than a red rose. Similarly, no other red rose comes close to Porta Nova’s Red Naomi, which is my all-time favourite red.”

Olga Sharova

“Porta Nova Red Naomi is a Great choice! They have the most distinctive red out of all red roses, and are the highest quality roses on the market in my view. The large, beautiful shape of the flower with velvety fine texture and a fine aroma. And this is one of the most lasting varieties with even wilting of the flower looking beautiful.”

Alena Chudopal

“I love working with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses! They have strong and resilient stems, large and durable inflorescences, a luxurious velvety surface, noble texture, and a relatively small number of thorns. A pleasant addition when working with these roses is their subtle, delicate scent. As a florist and businesswoman, I especially like their excellent transportability and lasting freshness.”

Sandra Attema Welte

“For me it is very important to use the best flowers such as Red Naomi Supra. A lot of effort goes into a design and it would be a shame if you can’t enjoy the design long enough”

Gaétan Jacquet

“The Porta Nova Red Naomi! is the rose of fairy tales. And we, florists, are the ink our customers use to write their own stories. We are the discreet witnesses of their love.”