Another of Porta Nova’s Secrets revealed. Water management with an eye for the environment

“Good morning, the Netherlands is well-know as a country that lies under sea-level, behind the dykes. Our nursery lies 7 metres under sea-level. The Netherlands has many rivers and lakes which are nice for fishing and swimming.
And it rains a lot in the Netherlands… A LOT!.  800mm in fact. That is 800 litres per m2.


For the plants in our nursery, we need a huge amount of water. That is why we recuperate rainwater that falls onto the greenhouse in this huge basin. Every year, around 87 million litres of water fall on our 110,000 m2 roof”

The drain water is also reused.

“The water that is not taken up by the plants is referred to as drain water. We collect this too. This drain water is naturally filtered and mixed with rainwater from the basins.porta-nova-water-management-1 The drain water from the plants is sterilised and mixed with the rainwater and nutrients.
By doing this, we are assured of sufficient nutrient-rich water to ensure our plants grow well without causing additional environmental damage, all year round.”

Another small secret behind Porta Nova’s top quality revealedWater management with an eye for the environment