Recently, Master Florist Nadine Siegert of Blumen Siegert was gracious enough to share some delightful floral moments from a wedding she decorated. The general theme for the wedding was red and white, with well over 200 stems of Porta Nova Red Naomi and more than 80 stems of Porta Nova White Naomi roses. These were nicely complimented by lots and lots of gypsophila to bring out the blissful ambience. 

It is said that one picture speaks more than one thousand words …
well, let’s enjoy these floral moments from the wedding. 

Nadine has been a master in the art since 2003, and now steers a business that was initiated by her parents back in 1980. Since taking over the shop in 2007, she has maintained an undying love for flowers, and simply describes this deep affection towards flowers as the single most important gem that describes their style.