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All Saints Day, otherwise referred to as All Hallows Day is marked on 1st November every year. The day was set aside to honour known and unknown saints in the Catholic faith. During All Saints Day, Christians hold special church services and also visit cemeteries to place flowers such as Porta Nova roses on the graves of their departed loved ones. This is the scenario that can be seen across Europe and other parts of the world.

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All Saints Day is closely tied with All Souls Day, held on November 2, which is dedicated to prayers of the dead who are not yet glorified. During these days, you will also find people visiting their local florists in search of beautiful and creative arrangements to make the occasion even more special. It is common for florists to use red roses of great quality such as Porta Nova Red Naomi in their arrangements. According to established florists, Porta Nova roses are prefered by their customers because the roses look beautiful in their fresh-red velvety shade and also stays longer in the vase.

porta nova red naomi all saints day

Florists have numerous options when working with Porta Nova roses. One of the most loved designs that is also ideal during All Saints is the unmatched Porta Nova red naomi heart. If someone would wish, a single stem of the rose might be sufficient enough for them to express their sentiments to a departed loved one. Or a nice mixed bouquet containing porta nova roses and other flowers and foliage. 

This time last year, we spoke to German florist, Erko Feigl who shared how florists in that region were encouraging their clients to use red roses in commemorating All Saints Day. He pointed out how some customers who would traditionally prefer colors such as violet, pink or cherry have come to embrace red roses such as Porta Nova to be a perfect option for this day.