The theme for the 2017 edition of FleurAmour Passion for Flowers flower design event was ‘CULTURE’; where participating florists created floral expressions through the worldview and way of life of a people, and also through other values, customs and traditions of certain cultures. The event is traditionally held at the Commandery of Alden Biesen and features an impressive display of amazing and inspiring floral decorations. This is the 22nd edition of FleurAmour Passion for Flowers which saw many renowned florist drawn from various countries participating.

angelica lacarbonara fleuramour porta nova red naomi roses

All set to begin her task at Alden Biesen, Angelica Lacarbonara has a reflective moment with Porta Nova Supra Red Naomi roses to be used in her arrangements.

Tasked with decorating the Lower Bottom of the Castle was floral designer Angelica Lacarbonara. Angelica’s idea and project was called The Four Seasons of Antonio Vivaldi and she decided to use Porta Nova Red Naomi in creating her arrangements. She also created a gorgeous bouquet of Porta Nova roses. 

This is what she said when asked why she chose Porta Nova red naomi roses; “In projects where I use roses, I choose one which brings out the needed authentic character of a red flower. “A first woman, a flower that leaves room for dripping and has a shape that is well defined with such beauty.”


Angelica and her assistants all jubilant after successfully wrapping up long hours of floral design work

In making the arrangements, Angelica was assisted by six florists from different regions of Italy who had attended her school. This was an opportunity for her students to enjoy some hands-on work experience. These Italian florists were Michela Torti, Daniela Marchetti, Roberta Travaglia, Beatrice Virgili, Cristina Cosso and Laura Morelli.

Making of THE FOUR SEASONS OF ANTONIO VIVALDI with Porta nova rose

The Summer Structure
The summer structure was designed in a large three-dimensional basket. Angelica and her team made the basket  with a number of aluminum rims covered with natural rays.


The initial base for the summer structure – four semi circles made of iron


Basket with aluminum rims for the summer structure


Weaving the base together

Each circle was attached to each other to create the base. They used OASIS® Floral Foam and test tubes to hold the flowers in place. In addition to the Porta Nova roses they used oncidium stems, glorious, setaria and rose berries to truly represent summer colors. The initial structure was 4 semicircles made out of iron.

porta nova red naomi fleuramour 2017 angelica lacarbonara

Final result

The Autumn Structure 
The Autumn Structure made with mulberry branches has been tied to the base using string. Angelica and her team achieved an illusion of depth by adding the Porta Nova roses. Through the blend of colors, it helped bring out a nice autumn feeling. They used Sanguisorba stems, Porta Nova roses, setaria and cambria.



The initial base for the Autumn structure

porta nova red naomi fleuramour angelica lacabonara

Close up view of Anglelica’s autumn structure with Porta Nova Red Naomi and other flowers in a beautiful intricate detail


Final Result


Angelica stands proudly next to her Summer creation with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses at FluerAmour 2017

The Bouquet
The bouquet was made with Porta Nova Red Naomi rose petals to create a bigger flower. The petals were attached together and placed on spiral silver wire to create the bigger flower and the cascade. Angelica used thin flexible wire to enable the cascading bouquet maintain its ‘flowing’ shape. Angelica then added some crystals for elaborate decoration.

porta nova red naomi fleuramour angelica lacarbonara

Detailed view of the Porta Nova bouquet by Angelica Lacarbonara

porta nova red naomi fleuramour angelica lacarbonara

Models with the various bouquet designs showcased at fleuramour. Angelica’s cascading bouquet design with Porta Nova roses on the right

porta nova red naomi fleuramour angelica lacarbonara

A model poses with the Porta Nova Red Naomi cascading bouquet created by Angelica Lacarbonara