Graduation Day Finland Porta Nova Red Naomi bouquet Pirjo koppi

Photo: (Flashback) Masterflorist Pirjo Koppi and her sister during their Graduation Day

The start of June marks the end of the academic year in Finland. Hundreds of thousands of young graduands from high schools, vocational colleges and universities will proudly don the Scandinavian white cap that is symbolic of their passing of the matriculation exams.

pirjo koppi graduation day porta nova red naomi

Long stemmed roses are extremely popular on Graduation Day. Porta Nova bouquet by Pirjo Koppi

Graduation Day is a huge deal in Finland, with students being showered with gifts by their loved ones as graduation parties take center-stage across the country. This day is also one of the biggest and busiest in flower business. According to Finnish Masterflorist Pirjo Koppi, graduation is one of the busiest single days for florists after Mother’s Day.

“We have a strong tradition of giving flowers on Graduation Day. Long stemmed roses are extremely popular on this day,” she says.

“On graduation day you will find roses everywhere. You will see roses in graduation photos, at graduation parties as everyone exchanges roses to congratulate the students, especially those who have passed the matriculation exams.” adds Pirjo.

pirjo koppi graduation day porta nova red naomi

“A single Porta Nova Red Naomi rose is a true classic,” says Pirjo

She says that flower arrangements for graduation day commonly consist of large, long stemmed roses. This are made available as both single stems and in bouquets. Shorter roses are also used but mostly as bouquets; while some florists offer bouquets with other flowers combined with roses.

“Many special rose varieties are available on Graduation Day but Porta Nova Red Naomi is the most popular or amongst the most popular of the rose varieties used. A single Porta Nova Red Naomi rose is a true classic!” says Pirjo.

Porta Nova Red Naomi Graduation Day Bouquet

Typical graduation day bouquet by Master florist Pirjo Koppi

Pirjo runs her company ‘Floristimestari Pirjo Koppi’ in Finland and is a respected figure in floristry across Europe and beyond. She was the representative for Finland during the recently held 2016 Europa Cup floral design championships held in Genua Italy where she emerged second runners up. Her personal favorite is the top quality Porta Nova Red Naomi SUPRA 80 cm.

pirjo koppi graduation porta nova 11

Masterflorist Pirjo Koppi during the Europa Cup 2016 floral design championship where she emerged 3rd overall.

Bouquet design by Pirjo Koppi with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses made during the 2016 European Florist Championship in Genoa where Pirjo emerged 3rd overall.



Pirjo’s Porta Nova roses were supplied by Huiskula Huiskula kukka koulu 1909 vihreä cmyk

Graduation day  in Huiskula

Graduation day in Finland is all about roses. Huiskulas  10  cash and carries and 15 sales trucks  all over Finland are busy selling  long stemmed, best quality roses to our customers. 

Porta Nova’s Red Naomi has the top quality and top looks  which our customers highly appreciate!

“Porta Nova Red Naomi – best rose for Finnish graduates!”