Easter table with Porta nova red naomi rose Erko

Easter is that special time for family and friends when they come together and share a meal, love, laughter and create timeless memories. The timing is great since it is also a period when a reawakening mood can be felt all around; thanks to the start of Spring Season. People around the world celebrate Easter Holidays through observing religious ceremonies and also exchanging gifts. During this holiday, flowers are an excellent gift-choice, with Porta Nova roses being quite a favorite.

Porta Nova Red Naomi Easter

Easter table arrangement by floral designers Markus Bopfinger and ErkoFeigl

Spring flowers are known for their beautiful bright colours and charming scents, Porta Nova Red Naomi roses also possess these qualities, and that is why they are ideal not only for Easter arrangements but all year round. Be it for symbolic church arrangements, easter table arrangements, or a bouquet for a loved one, Porta Nova roses will be a good choice. 

Porta Nova Red Naomi easter holiday

An Easter arrangement themed ‘Easter walk through nature’ by floral designers Markus Bopfinger and ErkoFeigl

Porta Nova Easter holidays 2