Roman Steinhauer’s porta nova love heart Valentine’s Day Floral Fundamentals

top: Roman Steinhauer’s love heart design was one among beautiful presentations in the Valentine’s Day edition of Floral Fundamentals magazine.

It is Valentine’s season, so let’s talk love and all things that speak of affection. It is that time of the year when we all try our best to show adoration to our loved ones. It could be a romantic partner, friend, family member, teacher, pet or even a stranger who is willing to appreciate some warm love. Porta Nova wishes you all the best this season. 

Red roses are regarded as the most popular way to say I love you; especially during this season, because flowers elicit passion and raw emotion in a very unique way. An estimated 50 million roses are given for Valentine’s each year. That is why during this period, florists will be going through some of their busiest days, working late nights to fulfill their customers’ floral wishes.

Frédéric Dupré porta nova red naomi valentines day

Exquisite design by Frédéric Dupré with a single Porta Nova red naomi flower standing out on a Valentine’s heart made of Betula (Bark), Liriope mascari, bullion wire and Diamante beads. This was featured in the Floral fundamentals Valentine’s day special edition.

Being the best red rose in the market, Porta Nova Red Naomi roses are easily the Ultimate Symbol of Love. We have been busy with preparations for Valentine’s Day. Since the demand for our roses in the run-up to February 14 is increasing enormously, we are working hard in planning for the deliveries. The starting point here is always FRESH.

Considering the fact that production is always difficult to predict, and that we do not want to disappoint our regular customers, we strive for the most accurate planning possible. We have now discussed the various expectations for Valentine’s Day with a majority of our regular customers and planned the delivery of our Red Naomi’s inline with this.

Message of Love
We spoke to a few top florists who were featured in the Valentine’s 2019 edition of Floral Fundamental magazine. Check out what they had to share as a special love message this season. 

Dan Xavier : If Magic is the force that binds the universe, then Love is the force that binds the heart. Celebrate love and life!”

dan xavier porta nova red naomi valentines day floral fundamental

Dan Xavier Valentine’s Day design for the Floral Fundamental Valentines edition. It features Porta Nova red naomi roses, Vanda Nitaya Raspberry Cerice Anco pure Vanda and Flat Cane Alflora / Opiflor UK.

Roman Steinhauer: I wish everyone had the opportunity to celebrate this day! And to each of us to always have someone to congratulate and wish a happy Valentine! And of course to receive a greeting in return!!! Its All love!!”

porta nova roman steinhauer

Award winning floral artist Roman Steinhauer – Check out his gorgeous design with Porta Nova roses (TOP PHOTO). The design featured Porta Nova roses, Asclepias heron king pink, Asparagus setaceus, Bouvardia ‘diamond coral’, Gloriosa crown jewels from Wim Brouwer and Phantom fair Hypericum from Marginpar

Alex Segura: “Love will keep you warm! Always”

porta nova red naomi valentines day alex segura

Alex Segura’s floral scarf made of Porta Nova roses on Lehne Wolle wool soft and decked with other coordinating flowers. Design modeled by Judy Zhang. 

Lily Beelen: “Express your deepest love this Valentine’s Day. Red Roses for Valentine Always expresses your deepest Love…”

lily beelen porta nova red naomi valentines day 3

Lily Beelen’s beautiful design with Porta Nova roses and Gloriosa, Strelizia reginae, wool cord from Lehner Wolle and Bullion wire.

Reka Kurtos: “Love is a precious thing that we can only feel. We can’t measure, see, touch, smell or taste it. It’s difficult to describe with words but very easy to express with flowers”

Reka kurtos porta nova red naomi valentines day floral fundamentals

Reka Kurtos brilliant Valentine’s Day design featured in the Floral Fundamentals valentines edition. The design features Porta Nova roses and other flowers.


Jonas De Vestel: I wish for everyone to be happy and feel loved, sharing beautiful flowers and wonderful smiles..

jonas de vestel porta nova red naomi valentines day

Jonas had a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet with Porta Nova roses, Crown jewels Gloriosa, Asclepias, Bouvardia, Cordyline fruticosa, Crocosmia nimbus, Grevillea, lilium, monstera deliciosa and b-bubble spray roses.