Womens day
Porta Nova sends out Warm wishes and Love to all women during the International Women’s Day.

March 8th is a special day on the calendar. On this day, the world celebrates women of all ages for their achievements in various spheres of life including social, economic and political. International Women’s Day is set aside to pay homage to the wonderful and immeasurable contribution of women to humanity and at the same time seeks to motivate them in their everyday effort.

Flowers are a great gift to show appreciation and love to the women in our lives on this special day. After all, flowers are mother nature’s way of revealing her soul. So it is only right that on March 8th, every woman receives beautiful flowers, such as Porta Nova Red Naomi and White Naomi roses.

Porta Nova joins hands with the global family in supporting efforts to champion the rights of women. We wish you a Happy Women’s Day, in line with the 2020 theme which is, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”.

Busy Days

Floral designers have their hands full during these days, since March 8th is one of the most important flower days in the calendar. We wish you all the best and hope the designs with Porta Nova roses displayed below will also serve as an inspiration.

Red Naomi floral “Jellyfish”, floristry and the importance of good quality
Claudia Tararache fittingly states that Porta Nova Red Naomi roses are not only top quality roses but also represent pure love. This piece she created a while back is also very fitting for that special lady in marking the International Women’s Day
Graceful Bouquet red naomi by ioachim erema
Ioachim Erema created this gorgeous bouquet for Valentines Day but it is also a great piece for International Women’s Day.
design by nadine sierget international women day porta nova roses red naomi
Design by Nadine Siegert with a single Porta Nova red naomi placed symmetrically in a short wide vase
white naomi nadine sierget
Women’s Day bouquet featuring white naomi porta nova roses created by Nadine Siegert
cesare bianchi white naomi women's day round bouquet
Round bouquet for that special lady during Women’s Day designed by Cesare Bianchi with White Naomi roses
nadine sierget Porta Nova red naomi women's day
Women’s Day bouquet arrangement by Nadine Siegert with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses
fabio sicurella red naomi Porta Nova
Mixed bouquet with Porta Nova roses and other flowers and natural material by Fabio Sicurella