International Women's Day Porta Nova Red Naomi Roses

Every year on March 8th the world celebrates women of all ages for their achievements in various spheres of life including social, economic and political. International Women’s Day is set aside to pay homage to the wonderful and immeasurable contribution of women to humanity and at the same time seeks to motivate them in their everyday effort. In Germany, International Women’s Day is known as Frauentag, and people show appreciation through different gestures; including buying flowers for their loved ones. 

porta nova mother's day poster

Strong Roses for Strong women

Making of the Porta Nova FIRE mixed bouquet
Porta Nova continues to partner with the Myflorist platform to create unique themed promotional posters that florists can use free of charge at their shops and on their various online platforms.

You can download hi-res International Women’s Day themed posters available in different languages by clicking HERE or on the link below. 

For International Women’s Day inspiration, Erko of MyFlorist decided to create a beautiful mixed ‘FIRE’  bouquet with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses and other flowers. Erko admits that compared to other holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Frauentag is not as busy but still remains a big day for florists in the country.

“Most German florists do not necessarily have red roses as the exclusive choice for their Frauentag arrangements, but reds always serve well to compliment a mixed arrangement,” says Erko.

“What would the world be without women; they are the ones who have the fire inside to change the world for better. That is why I decided to create ‘fire’ coloured flowers,” he adds. 


“What would the world be without women; they are the ones who have the fire inside to change the world for better,” Erko

Apart from Porta Nova roses, this mixed bouquet includes, wild dry material Ornithogallum, dubium, Dianthus, Craspedia, Ranunculus and the Rose Encanto.