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The wedding season is in full swing again and this year is sure to feature many beautiful bouquets and arrangements. The use of flowers at weddings is becoming more extensive. Flowers are placed on tables, on walls and chairs, in corsages, for car decorations or even as cake decorations.

When your customers ask for flowers for their wedding event it goes without saying that these flowers must remain beautiful throughout the day. At Porta Nova we guarantee top quality Red Naomi roses! Porta Nova harvest and processes every day of the year, and the roses are available on the flower auction the very next day to ensure that our roses are always fresh!

Thanks to our unique ‘Climator’ we can cool our greenhouses in an environmentally-friendly manner, which allows us to guarantee top quality roses, even in the middle of summer.

Wedding collage

Red roses are becoming ever more popular at weddings. Red is naturally the colour of love and the deep red colour and the shape of our Red Naomi roses are selected by many a bride. When brides decide on a traditional white bridal bouquet Red Naomi roses are often used in the decorations.

Our single stem Porta Nova ‘SUPRA’ roses are also a work of art in their own right. We also increasingly hear that they are being used as gifts for wedding guests, e.g. as a single stem rose with a personal message from the couple. Nothing enhances the scene more than seeing guests walking around with romantic Red Naomi roses.    For florists this is also a nice to sell a few hundred extra roses outside of the bridal bouquet that requires little extra work.

Wedding with Red Noami roses proposal

Bride with bunch or Porta Nova Red Noami roses

The day after the wedding, table decoration with Red Naomi roses

Newly weds with Red Noami roses bridal Bouqet

Or for a real spectacle of roses at the wedding , you can place the famous Porta Nova “Red Naomi” heart. The ultimate symbol for Love with 1000 red roses.

And a hotspot to take pictures of the couple and the guests.

Sharing Some Love With Red Naomi! Roses

Sharing Some Love With Red Naomi! Roses

Sharing Some Love With Red Naomi! Roses

Sharing Some Love With Red Naomi! Roses

Sharing Some Love With Red Naomi! Roses