Porta Nova LED lighting energy saving red naomi

Being the world’s biggest grower of top quality Red Naomi roses, Porta Nova is continually working towards newer and more innovative ways to improve the quality of its product. This includes working with scientists and other experts in the various stages of production. Inline with this, we are presently working together with Philips, a global leader in LED lighting to create an enhanced light emission regulation.

LED toplighting porta nova

Leon of Porta Nova holding bouquets of Top Quality Red Naomi rose

Porta Nova is conducting a large-scale trial of cut roses over 1,300 square meters with Philips new LED toplighting module. The nursery currently uses 240 μmol SON-T high pressure sodium modules and hopes that LED will help reduce light emissions in anticipation of new stricter light emission regulations. During periods that the Red Naomi roses require high levels of light, the nursery has to actively cool the greenhouse.

The research will establish how LED toplighting can help reduce the radiant heat produced by the lighting system without affecting crop quality and yield. Leon Dukker, a grower at Porta Nova is optimistic about the future of LED in growing cut roses if it allows maintaining the same quality, while reducing energy costs.

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During the recently concluded IFTF event, Philips showcased their new GreenPower LED toplighting solution that is one-and-a-half times more efficient in converting electricity to light (up to 2.7 μmol/Joule) than any HPS system on the market. GreenPower LED toplighting delivers very high light output, while radiating much less heat than HPS toplighting, allowing growers to control light and temperature separately and gain more control over growing conditions.portanova-led-1

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