Porta Nova works in partnership with two specialists Poot & van Hattem to make sure we can use all the extra sunlight provided to us by nature in spring and summer.  

Intense sunlight can harm (burn) the plants and flowers, while the heat in the greenhouse can harm quality. This is why most growers around the world tend to put chalk on their roofs during summer. The problem with using chalk is that the amount of sunlight that the plants love is also diminished.

In cooperation with specialist Porta Nova is now using a special coating. It is incorporated in our window washing robot that sprays a perfect thin layer of this coating on the windows of the greenhouse. 

With this diffuse coating (“Redufuse”), We break the direction of the rays while still allowing in 95% of sunlight.  The light is distributed better in the greenhouse, both horizontally and vertically. There are no more light and dark areas. Due to the evenness of the light, the crop experiences less stress and grows better

Having coated the greenhouses in early spring, the sunlight will be tempered, the heat will be kept out and the growth of the crops will be positively affected. The light penetrates deeper into the crop & there is more photosynthesis in lower leaves.

Roof coating spring
Redusol diffuse action spring

This improves the overall climate and health of the crop allowing for more growth, bigger buds and zero problems with “burning” petals.  Guaranteeing year-round Top Quality Porta Nova roses