Summer quality red naomi roses from Porta Nova at Barensen exports

Now that we have set the clock back to “wintertime” it is a good time to reflect back on our results in the summer.

As we’re constantly working to further improve quality we regularly benchmark our vase-live and quality to the competition.  We could see a considerable increase in the difference in quality compared with all Red Naomi Growers during the summer months.

Last summer the temperatures in the Netherlands where quit high. but with the help of our “Climator” system we were able to keep temperature in the greenhouse down and deliver a  good stable quality Red Naomi roses all summer long.

Of course it is great if our measurements show that our efforts are paying off but we like it even better it our clients notice this as well. One of our trusted partner exporters, Jan de Boer from Barendsen came to visit our company.

We’re very proud of the following quote of Jan de Boer:

” You can see that the temperatures have a negative effect to the Dutch flowers. It’s clearly to see that the quality of the Red Naomi roses of Porta Nova remains stable through the year, even in the summer. This also reflected in the vase life of the roses.”

Climator Porta Nova


Porta Nova is the largest roses nursery of Red Naomi roses in the world and we do everything to deliver top quality, also in the coming dark winter months!