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Italian Beach Wedding by Ivana Spinelli

Ivana also used the new Porta Nova White Naomi roses in her Beach wedding floral decoration. The rose is available from 9th September. White Naomi is a top quality luxury rose with a long sturdy stem and a huge flowerhead. The petal count is amazing, allowing the rose to unfurl beautifully into a classic shape that is almost symmetrical.

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beach wedding with porta nova red naomi white naomi ivana spinelli 45

Ivana Spinelli on intimate beach weddings & why porta nova roses fit the bill

Ivana Spinelli is known for how she brings to life the raw joys of romance through her wedding floral presentations. One of her recent works was a beach wedding on…

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Porta Nova Red Naomi Wedding Ivana Spinelli

Elegant Porta Nova Red Naomi Wedding with Floral designer Ivana Spinelli

Luigi and Simona’s Wedding. Floral designer Ivana Spinelli used Porta Nova Red Naomi roses in her decor A wise man once said that ‘the world laughs in flowers.’ Maybe that…

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