International Women day Ioachim erema
graceful bouquet with porta nova red naomi roses 1
Ioachim Erema with the Graceful Porta Nova Red Naomi bouquet

This Valentine’s season, we challenged one of our favorite designers, Ioachim Erema to play around with our Porta Nova Red Naomi roses. We are very pleased to share with you these stunning Porta Nova Red Naomi bouquets he created for the season.

Ioachim Erema is an International Flower Designer, a Floral Fundamentals Ambassador and Gold Winner at Floral Art London 2019.

He was first introduced to the world of flowers at the age of fifteen in Romania, where he was born. In his early 20s, Ioachim moved to the U.K. where he further developed his skills. Throughout his journey, Ioachim has had opportunities to create unique floral designs for the Royal Family, during state visits, at the BAFTA Television Awards, in numerous weddings and many more.

He currently runs his own business in the U.K. named Bamboo Flowers and is well known in the U.K.for teaching workshops and as a demonstrator. He actively participates in both national and international floral exhibits.

Graceful Porta Nova Bouquet

This is a graceful, vibrant bouquet ready to be displayed in an art gallery. The delicacy and beauty of the Porta Nova Red Naomi roses are contrasting with the green anigozanthos, peacock feathers, pampas grass and panicum virgatum. To give a more special effect I added amazing fantasy rozen bottell and gloriosa flowers.

graceful porta nova red naomi bouquet ioachim erema 2

The Power of Love

This design shows just how amazing these red roses are and that you can’t stop loving them. The structure is made out of wire covered in layers of tissue paper. It has been created to capture and hold into place the beauty of the 50 stems of Red Naomi Porta Nova roses. Just like we need to hold on to love.

Christmas Floral design Inspiration with Red Naomi roses by Ioachim Erema
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