Graduation day bouquet red naomi porta nova

It’s a festive period with a rich Finnish twist yet again as Students all over Finland wrap up their academic year. Florists in this country that is known for her strong sense for celebrations, have their work cut out to meet a huge demand for flowers and flower arrangements during this season.

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“Graduation Day has a very good impact on flower sales since the number of customers is quite huge. But this demand is mainly for single roses as opposed to arrangements,” says Timo Punkari. Timo operates, a Finnish florist company that also enjoys dynamic online presence and makes flower deliveries throughout Finland and beyond. porta nova red naomi

Mixed bouquet arrangement by with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

During the student’s Graduation Day, those who have successfully completed their matriculation exams as well as those advancing one class up receive flowers from family and friends. Parties are also held all around the country. “When guests come for the graduation parties, it is tradition for them to give a rose. Of course closer persons & parents might give a bunch of roses,” says Timo.

“We always have very high expectations as it is a very good day for our shop since we supply many schools with roses & also make a lot arrangements for schools.” he adds.

Timo says that Porta Nova Red Naomi roses are a great choice for graduation because of the size & quality. Most of the arrangements by Piilola  arrangements are a bit bigger (in size) as they are used in schools. Some people also buy table arrangements for their homes if they are hosting a graduation party. porta nova red naomi

Mixed bouquet arrangement by with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

“Most of the roses we sell are Porta Nova Red Naomi; it is a classic choice.” says the florist.

“We especially like the Porta Nova Red Naomi Supra; that is what we usually use as a long red rose. We do not usually sell any rose of lower quality than Red Naomi at all.”

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Top quality Porta Nova Red Naomi supra roses at


Supplying Roses for Graduation day in Finland

oscar-pw-de-Mooy-FlowerwexportThe supplier for is P.W. de Mooy Flowerexport, a “Flying Dutchman” specialized in Fresh cut-flower and potplants in Finland.

“A team of 15 enthusiastic people keep our business up to date weekly and make sure flowers shops get their products on time. Highest quality, good and reliable service are three important things in our company!” Oscar of P.W. de Mooy.

With four flower trucks P.W. de Mooy serves the southern and middle part of Finland.

To get all the flowers to their clients in Finland in perfect condition, they have built special trucks. There is a heating and cooling system inside. The trucks are built like a big flower room. It’s like a floral “candy”store for finish florists.

“To get the flowers to Finland we have to make a long journey. Every week we travel 45 hours on the boat and on the road; including a 1500 km drive through Holland and Germany. But it is always a pleasure to arrive in beautiful Finland and bring our customers some floral happiness.” Mooy flowerwexport inside truck1P.W. de Mooy Flowerexport flying dutchman