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Mother's Day, Porta Nova Nunzia Guerino's

This Mother’s Day, Porta Nova shares Nunzia Guerino’s Harmony of Positive Sensations

Having been born and brought up in the ‘midst of flowers’, Nunzia Guerino was pretty much destined to be a florist. She recalls, as a fresh-faced lassie, how she would…

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Mother's Day Breakfast Table Porta Nova Red Naomi

Mother’s Day Breakfast Table with Porta Nova Red Naomi

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular flower holidays marked all over the world. It is the day specially set aside to celebrate, honor and express heartfelt affection to…

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Porta Nova Red Naomi on St Jordi’s Day

Saying T’estimo, with Porta Nova Red Naomi on St Jordi’s Day

In Barcelona and the larger Catalonia region, 23rd April is a special day. It is Saint Jordi’s Day; when Love and Romance takes residence not only in people’s hearts but…

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Barendsen Flowers delivering Top Quality Porta Nova Roses during St Jordi’s Day

St Jordi’s Day is here… this means that the most radiant red roses can be seen at every corner you turn into while in the Catalonia region of Spain. Festive…

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