#CUPIDRONE promotion campaign with Porta Nova roses went viral in Valentine’s week

The week after Valentine’s we can makeup the balance on how successful this campaign was, and the figures are impressive. According to The Dutch Flower Council over 4,000,000 people saw the…

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Porta Nova roses delivered by #cupidrone

Cupidrone: love is literally in the air Love is literally in the air: meet #cupidrone! Delivering love from above, searching for targets armed with a Porta Nova Red Naomi rose. …

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Porta Nova makes dirty bucket disappear! with new “Collum” packaging

In 2008 Porta Nova developed the Collar, in order to guarantee quality during transport.  The collar was a great succes and has become a standard for many growers to transport…

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Porta Nova Red Naomi Vase Life

Porta Nova Red Naomi Vase Life Time lapse

At Porta Nova we are dedicated to deliver the absolute best quality.  Therefore we are able to give you a quality guarantee and offer you certainty every single day!. This…

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Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Arrangement Inspiration

Proudly we want to share a article from The Wall Street Journal written by Robbie Honey. This is an example of a simple but beautiful flower arrangement he created with…

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Christmas table arrangements decorations with Porta Nova Red Naomi roses

Ten festive floral table decorations with Red Naomi roses

December is the month with the most parties around the world. – In many countries Christmas is celebrated extensively and brings many people to the dinner table for and voluptuous…

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“House of cards” by Erwin Michielsen and Ger Hoebers

Florale Vormgevers: Erwin Michielsen and Ger Hoebers, in collaboration with Moniek Koopmans have managed a three-day spectacle and stole the show at “The Rose Festival” in Lottum! We’re very proud…

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Summer quality red naomi roses from Porta Nova at Barensen exports

Reflection on the summer of 2014: Red Noami Roses with top quality

Now that we have set the clock back to “wintertime” it is a good time to reflect back on our results in the summer. As we’re constantly working to further…

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Results from Porta Nova “Golden ticket” promotion

In September Porta Nova was offering its clients a chance to win a trip to Holland to visit Porta Nova’s greenhouse.  In the week of 8 – 19 September we…

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